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Kylie Gunderson and Allison Grote were selected to the NW Festival of Music Honor Choir to be held at Minot State Oct. 31-Nov. 1. Kylie was chosen to the Mixed Choir and Allison was selected to the WomensíChoir. They will perform in a concert on Saturday at 4:30 p.m.

SENIORS: (Straight A, 4.0) Sabrina Kremer; (A, 3.50-3.99) Nolan Beeter, Colton Gandrud, Taylor Peterson; (B, 3.00-3.49) Dylan Benge, Austin Deckert.

JUNIORS: (Straight A) Heidi Knutson, Mark Nelson; (B) Zackery Beard.

SOPHOMORES: (Straight A) Alexus Mahlum; (B) Kaylee Knutson, Taryn Schmit, Alexis Vandegraft.

FRESHMEN: (B) Madison Deckert, Matthew Hinds, Sara Nelson.

8TH GRADE: (B) Ciera Wahus.

7TH GRADE: (B) Serenity Waide.

Outdoor Tales


Fall has come, gone and charged in again with a vengeance this year. Farmers seem to be hating life as the harvest just seems to drag on and on. From an outdoors perspective it has been a great fall with a few headaches mixed in, mostly wind.

From everything I have been seeing and hearing, the hunting season has been fruitful for most. I know many who have been getting great limits of Canada Geese with good bags of ducks and upland game. It sounds like if you put in the effort you will be rewarded.

I chose not to hunt this year. (Iím sure you are shocked.) I guided right up until the catfish turned off and since have been trying to fish for myself whenever I can; mostly enjoying Devils Lake and the walleyes that call the Red River home.

This past week was the first week of ďrealĒ walleye fishing in the river for this year. The conditions are perfect right now and there are lots of fish to be caught. The only downfall is I am not all that experienced at catching them and donít have very many spots to fish.

But like anything else it takes time in the field or on the water to learn so here I am on my new adventure.
While I find it intimidating it is also a good challenge to keep the angling skills sharp.

River fishing is always an adventure when you are fishing with minnows or night crawlers as you never know what is on the end of the line when you set the hook.

In three outings last week we landed seven species of fish with a jig and a minnow, fishing in only four different spots.

We caught walleyes, sauger, goldeyes, carp, white bass, sheephead and stonecat. It is safe to say that the action was good just not always the fish we were targeting.

I mentioned earlier that the wind has been just amazing this fall (more like awful but letís be positive) and that has really put a damper on Devils Lake fishing.

Some of the days would have been fine with a couple of buddies but it was just Braden and me and I just could not fathom the idea of trying to launch and load a boat in wave conditions with a four-year-old looking on. It just seemed like a bad idea at the time.

Wind on the lake dictates the plan, no problem when you have a river nearby. We just go there instead.
Unless it is a stiff upstream wind you are pretty unaffected by it and can enjoy a day of fishing without getting blown away. I guess there are some advantages to fishing in a hole lined with trees.

There is still a lot of fall left (I hope) so make sure you get out and enjoy it in some way. Whether it is a walk down the street, a day of chasing walleyes, or a day in the field hunting, enjoy it somehow before the snow flies and we all get trapped inside.

Until next time get outside and make some memories.


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