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Drowning Fatality
at Powers Lake

A Powers Lake woman, Carmen Skalicky, 41, drowned in a boating accident on Powers Lake, Saturday, July 12.

Mountrail County Sheriff Ken Halvorson stated his office received a 911 call at approximately 3:10 p.m. The caller reported two individuals had swam to shore and reported to the caller that their boat had capsized and there were still two people out in the water.

Officers at the scene were able to determine the boat had capsized on the lake because of the high wind and large waves on the lake.

Jamie Hysjulien, 28, and Brandy Rudland, 21, both of Powers Lake, had life jackets on and swam to the east shore near the cabins. There they were able to make contact with a cabin owner who called 911 to report the incident.

Citizens Want
Answers from
Burke Commissioners

By Lyann Olson
Sixty concerned residents of Burke County were incensed when the Burke County Sheriff, Michael P. Cude failed to show at a commissioner meeting, Tuesday morning, July 15. All six county cities were represented, as well as Northgate and Coteau.

Cude was first on the agenda, scheduled at 9:00 a.m.
Commission Chairman, Allen Ryberg gave a few remarks to the crowd, “Before I turn the meeting over to the Sheriff, I’m going to start with last week on July 7, the sheriff told us that we can not tell him how to run the office, which is fine, but he does not want to follow the basic rules of the county, by not opening the office; by not returning calls.”

Ryberg directed the next statements to the Sheriff, who still had not arrived for the meeting, “The county has a lot of cards in the deck. You are going to find out as days go on, things you have been getting are going to dry up and you’ll have to find a different way to handle this. I can tell you now, the way you are going, it will start with less deputies and vehicles and then we’ll start with salaries. We have this control and you will not be able to use, ‘don’t tell me how to run the sheriff’s office.’”

Ryberg went on to tell the crowd that as of last Friday he has taken steps to take control of the sheriff’s office.
As Cude elected not to show, Ryberg opened the meeting for the public to speak.

The public asked the commissioners what they have done in a week’s time to clear up the “mess.”

Commissioner David Sellie informed the crowd he had spoken to about 11 people, mostly Powers Lake residents, stating he had time constraints, which citizens questioned him about.

Jeremy Grohs, former Burke County deputy addressed the commissioners, “Michael Cude from the day he started was going to do what he wanted to do. Do you know that the day Mike took office I was demoted from Sergeant to no rank?”

Grohs also spoke about his recent termination by Cude, informing the commissioners he had used the same protocol with seven Port of Entry cases under Barry’s administration as the cost effectiveness to arrest somebody doesn’t make sense. “Previously we seized it, we processed it, we let them go. If the states attorney decides she wants to prosecute, the warrant is issued.” [This case concerned a Canadian citizen who did not enter the US.]

Grohs continued,“During a two week period, over 5-6 nights, I myself had arrested 14 people with a total of 22 charges, myself. During that three weeks that the two were gone for canine training, I worked nine nights by myself, covering the entire county, not to mention I also assisted Divide County with a gun call.”

A citizen asked, “Where was your sheriff? Isn’t he your backup?”

“At that point I had lost all faith in the sheriff,” stated Grohs. “So I am terminated last week for insubordination, failure to follow an order of the sheriff and mishandling of evidence.”

Grohs explained his side of the mishandling of evidence, with the insubordination going back to the Port case discussed earlier, “The evidence was sealed, in my locked, secure patrol vehicle. We’ve done it before in the past and it hasn’t been an issue.” [The car was taken for an oil change by another deputy.]

Grohs continued, “Mike [Cude]claims that he had spoken with the states attorney and had gotten legal advice that this is mishandling of evidence and it broke the chain of evidence.”

With that, Grohs produced a document which was an email from the Burke County States Attorney to Cude, saying it is her assumption that the vehicle was locked, and that would not be a fatal flaw in the chain of custody and did not see any liability issues.

“If I am going to be falsely terminated, that’s opening up the county for liability. Things need to get fixed. Period. Was it a hostile work environment? Yes, it was,” stated Grohs.

Discussion was held on why the commission appointed Cude; and why they didn’t do background checks.

Regional DUI Task Force
Releases Third Quarter
Enforcement Results

In a continuing effort to end the problem of impaired driving, the Northwest Williston Regional DUI Task Force conducted a month long high visibility enforcement event.

Several North Dakota law enforcement agencies across the state provided additional law enforcement presence on rural, city and state roads throughout the region for the entire month of June.

During this recent unified saturated patrol effort, the results from the Northwest Williston Regional DUI Task Force are:
· 17 driving under the influence arrests
· 3 other alcohol related arrests
· 2 drug arrests
· 38 speed citations
· 7 safety belt violations
· 1 felony violation
· 10 suspended driving arrests
· 152 total citations/arrests
· 230 total contacts

Impaired driving is defined as a motorist operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol, legal or illegal drugs. Any use of alcohol or drugs can affect a motorist’s driving ability.

Slices of Life
By: Jill Pertler
Having It All

There’s been a renewed media buzz on the age-old topic of women having it all. Career plus family equals success. Cameron Diaz fueled the discussion with an announcement about not wanting kids because, in her words, “It’s so much more work to have children.”

In another publicized conversation, Indra Nooyi, the CEO of PepsiCo and mother of two (not necessarily in that order) admitted she doesn’t think women can have it all. “We pretend we can have it all,” she said during an interview for The Atlantic. She also confessed she’s not sure her two daughters would say she’s been a good mom and she uses coping mechanisms to deal with her guilt.


We have two highly successful women speaking candidly about this topic and the media goes all a twitter with the shock and surprise of their statements. To have kids or not have kids. To pursue a career or stay at home. To attempt both or risk not having it all.

I’ve lived on both sides of the divide. I had a full-time career along with two small children. I dropped them off at daycare and missed them terribly while I was at work. But I loved my job and always planned to have it all. So I allowed guilt to creep in and developed coping mechanisms. I was in it for the long haul.

Until life changes necessitated a move to a distant town, which necessitated leaving my job. Instead of pursuing another, I opted to stay home with my kids – perhaps to avoid the guilt or more likely because for me having it all was really, really hard. Not every woman has this choice.
Even though it was my decision, there were days when I saw myself (and I’m sure others saw me) as just a stay-at-home mom. Just.


Cameron Diaz doesn’t want to have children because they are a lot of work. She is right.

Indra Nooyi admits experiencing tremendous guilt because she has a high stakes job and sometimes feels she has had to choose between it and her children. She is right.
When I left my career, at least a part of me believed I was giving up on having it all. Maybe I was right.

Diaz and Nooyi’s comments made the news. I’m not that famous.

Why are we talking about this? It’s an issue that hits us in the gut. Cameron Diaz says her decision was not an easy one. That’s probably an understatement. No doubt Ms. Nooyi would say the same. I know I would. Thing is, we each made a choice – a tough choice that hopefully worked for us. It’s a decision every woman at some point must make, and it isn’t always easy.

I’d guess it’s hardly ever easy, because here’s the rub: If we do manage to have it all, most of us live with the guilt that the lifestyle produces. If we opt out of family or career and choose not to have it all we live with the guilt that the lifestyle produces.

Who makes these rules? More importantly, why do we accept them? Why do we chatter about the unexpected honesty when a woman admits to not wanting children, or when another acknowledges that having both a career and family is difficult? None of this is shocking.

Maybe we should put aside our expectations for others – and ourselves – and forget about a one-definition-fits-all for having it all. This could start with a rewrite and acknowledgement that each of us is working it out in our own way. That’s all anyone can ask and it shouldn’t be a surprise. In this age of acceptance and understanding, it seems a generic definition set down by perceived societal norms that makes life difficult, provokes guilt and causes us to judge one another would be outdated and unacceptable.

Perhaps this latest set of discussions will help us get there. Let’s hope so.

Jill Pertler is an award-winning syndicated columnist, playwright and author of “The Do-It-Yourselfer’s Guide to Self-Syndication.” You can read more and follow her column on the Slices of Life page on Facebook.

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The Bowbells Recreation Comission is working with Tubs of Fun out of Fargo for the new swimming pool.

According to Tubs of Fun representatives they have just started with their first pool of the year due to weather, etc.
The rec commission has all the money secured for the pool and is on the Tubs of Fun waiting list.

The commission plans to begin demolition of the bath house and get the area cleaned up, “so we are ready when Tubs of Fun is ready,” said Tami Chrest.

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