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Ken Tetrault reported the building in Portal has been secured, providing pictures.

Graveling is being done on County Roads 2, 8 & 9. Testing was done at O’Neils. Three sites were not producing and the fourth was too close to their home. Dan Peterson land was also tested with very little gravel found.

Tetrault received another letter on the Smith pit with more reclamation needed.
Dust control was done by Envirotech and Tetrault is very happy with the company. He reported they use calcium chloride.

The road department went to RDO school in Mountrail County on the 15th.
FEMA was in the area, and Barry Jager went out with them to show three sites in Burke County with water issues on Road 1, 6 and 12.

The dirt work by Stampede is going well.
Jeff Ebsch of Brosz Engineering reported the chip seal work has been completed. Tetrault inquired about the stakes being pulled out, not just broken off.

The stabilization is done on County Road 7, and road will be able to be used again, with paving being done sometime in October.

Installation of curb and gutter in the parking is taking place, finishing up Friday or Saturday. Paving should take place next week.

Ebsch presented a visual (map) for each of the commissioners of truck traffic in the county, the heaviest being on County Road 7, south of Powers Lake. County Road 6 also has high volumes of traffic.


Kenny Rogers of Assiniboine River Initiative gave a presentation on the formation of the new Assiniboine River Basin Initiative which would include Manitoba, Saskatchewan and North Dakota.

A conference is being held Nov. 12-14 in Regina to get the organization off the ground. He is looking for 20 plus board members.

“I hope you can find someone who is interested and send them to Regina,” stated Rogers “hopefully it will get off the ground.”


Nick Throntveit, chief deputy of the Sheriff’s Department presented the overtime invoices to the commissioners. Also present was Deputy Jeremy Grohs who was rehired by Throntveit on Sept. 13.

Questions were asked about the Harvest Hoedown overtime; driving time from home to work; training time; back pay; and lack of log books.
The overtime with corrections made by the chief deputy was approved.

Discussion was held on the canine as Pembina County does not have the funds in their budget. Deputy Throntveit will continue to find someone to purchase the dog.
The inventory is finished, three vehicles have been washed and are in storage.


Marla MacBeth, Planning and Zoning, presented two permits, one for a mobile home west of Powers Lake and a pole barn to be erected at Northgate.

A public hearing was held on 10 acres, sectioned into two outlots; eight acres changing from ag to commercial for a modular office building, parking lot and pipe yard, and two acres changed from ag to rural residential for 8 RV sites to be used by their personnel.

Also discussed the Powers Lake rail transload facility needing to apply for a zoning change.


Amber Fiesel, states attorney, reported that until a sheriff is elected the Highway Patrol or BCI acts as the coroner.

Discussion was held on the dissolution of the JDA. The funds in the account should be earmarked for economic development.

Chairman Ryberg stated that he would like to see the money used for youth employment in the county cities.


How long have you lived in Burke County? I have lived in Burke County most my life. I moved away for two years for college and then moved back.

Family: My great grandparents on my dad’s side, Gilbert and Evelyn (Edwards) Myre were born and raised in Burke County. They had 3 children, two sons and a daughter. My grandparents, Roger and Ruby (Myre) Tetrault have lived locally since 1976. She currently resides in Northgate. My grandpa passed away in 2011.

My grandparents on my mom’s side, Earl and Jean Morris, were from Minnesota originally. They moved to North Dakota in 1982. My grandma Jean currently resides at the Kenmare Hospital and my grandpa Earl is buried in the Veteran’s Cemetery in Mandan.

My parents are Ken and Jayne Tetrault who have resided in Burke County for 30+ years. I have two siblings. My oldest brother, Brett and his family and my younger brother, Scott both live in Bowbells.

What is your educational background? I graduated from Bowbells High School in 2007 earning a high school diploma.
What is your employment history? I have worked at Eagle Operating for the past 3 years where I have assisted in accounts receivable and payables, answering telephones and other secretarial duties that arise.

Prior to that, I worked at Bowbells Farmers Union assisting the public with their needs.
I was also Head Lifeguard and Supervisor at Splashdown in Minot. I helped oversee other employees making sure daily duties were accomplished.

Through high school and a little bit after, I worked at Kenmare Community Hospital as a nursing assistant.
I started working at a young age to gain work experience to prepare me for what the future holds.

Why are you running for office? I love this area and I am ready and willing to give the Treasurer’s office the change they need from updating computer programs to a newer technology and by adding a fresh face that is committed to this community.

What experience have you had that qualifies you to become an office holder? Due to my work experience in past employment and my current employment I have had great public relations and been able to work well with groups of people to develop a better change or outcome, which I feel would be a great asset to a county office position.

What group/organization are you a member or affiliated with? None at the current moment. I do, however, help out with local fundraising events when needed.

Anything else you would like to share with our readers: I am willing to learn and ready to work to take on the challenges that may come up being the Treasurer. I am dedicated and goal orientated. I would treat all customers with respect and I would answer their questions in a courteous and professional manner.

I am also willing to rise up to the new challenges of changing times and technological advances while keeping the costs down to the best of my ability and adapt to these challenges to meet the needs of the citizens of Burke County.



Computers and the World Wide Web make our lives easier in many ways.

For instance, I can pay bills without having to find an envelope, track down a stamp, write a check, stuff the envelope, lick the envelope (tasty), walk all the way to the end of the driveway, put the envelope in the mail box, raise the little flag, and walk all the way back to the house (it’s uphill).

That entire exhausting rigmarole takes an excruciating three minutes. Three and a half if I step in something unsavory on my way to or from the mailbox or get chased by the neighbor kid (he’s odd).

Oh no, none of that nonsense for me thank you very much.
I’ll just flip open my laptop lid, realize the battery is dead, track down the cord, plug it in, wait for it to start up, find out the internet service isn’t working, reset the modem, try and find the 241 digit security code to reconnect to the modem, log onto the internet, curse at a few hundred popups, find the bill pay website, forget bill pay website username and password, answer 38 security questions to prove to me that I’m me, wait for email to reset password, reset password, login to bill pay site, attempt to login to bill pay site, login in after 17 failed attempts, and pay the bill.

That entire effortless convenience of modern technology takes a mere six hours. Six and a half if I have to call the police on the neighbor kid.

Since the smartphoneectomy I underwent over a month ago, I’ve started to appreciate the joys of past inconveniences.
I have a cell phone but it’s only good for calling and texting. Remember those dusty old relics?

If you see me sitting and poking around on my phone nowadays you can rest assured that I’m not looking up fun facts on Google, I just don’t want to talk to you.
It’s not true…we can’t all be friends…no matter what Facebook says.

In class the other day I was chit chatting with my students about Facebook friends, because chit chatting is my job and the only thing my students and I have in common is access to and knowledge of Facebook.

Through some intellectual fact gathering and statistical analysis we came to the conclusion that 400 Facebook friends is roughly equivalent to half an actual friend.

Some bored (or boring) statistician determined that over the past 10 to 15 years the average American has went from having three good friends to 1.5 good friends. We have all lost a friend-and-a-half somewhere along the way since the turn of the century. Either that or we still have three friends but they only like us half as much.

Is the half a friend a wee friend on the short side of tall or a friend who likes you half the time?
The bored (or boring) statistician didn’t clarify those points as they generally aren’t much interested in things of interest.

Can your 1.5 friends take turns being the half a friend?
“He borrowed my favorite sweater and stretched the neck hole out with his oversized head…I get to be the half friend for a few weeks.”

“Oh, okay I’ll be the full friend…but only for a few weeks…he still hasn’t replaced the bag of pixy stix and wax lips he took from my pantry when he babysat my cat last weekend.”
I’d like to think I have several full friends.

I like to think a lot of things.
Who’s your half friend?

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