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Michele Helming is recipient
of this year’s Star of Life award

Pictured above are left to right: Senator David O’Connell, Michele Helming, Star of Life recipient, Representative Bob Hunskor, and Representative Dick Anderson.

On Monday, February 23rd, 2015 the 4th Biennial Stars of Life Celebration was held at the Ramada Inn of Bismarck, ND. This evening was about celebrating and recognizing accomplishments in Emergency Medical Services. The Stars of Life program was established in 2009 to assure that the individuals who have a strong commitment and enthusiasm in EMS in ND are recognized. These Stars symbolize the true spirit of volunteerism and often go above their call of duty to serve. The sacrifices they make in their community assists in building a strong and more viable EMS system.

One of the recipients of this year’s Star of Life was from Mohall. This person is well loved and respected on the ambulance service, and she truly goes the extra mile to ensure that not only the patient, but the crew, are confident, comfortable, and well cared for. She defines EMS at its best!

Michele Helming is this year’s Star of Life from the Mohall Ambulance Service with substations in Tolley, Lansford, and Sherwood. Michele has been a valuable asset to the service since joining in September 2005. She became a First Responder and then an Emergency Medical Technician in March, 2007. Michele serves as Secretary on the Board of Directors for Mohall Ambulance Service as well as the Secretary on the Local Emergency Planning Committee for Renville County. She is a member of the Area Safe Communities Coalition and has participated in the organization of the Area Safe Communities Coalition New Year’s Eve, alcohol free, parent and youth event.

As a dedicated and dependable member of the ambulance service, Michele also serves on the Mohall EMS Assistance Fund Committee and is active in recruiting new members to the service. She also served on the committee that was working to join the Sherwood Ambulance Service with Mohall Ambulance Service as a substation.

Michele and her husband, Rick, have three children - Jessica, Kalli, and Jarrid, and three grandchildren. Michele operates a daycare in her home in Mohall.

Congratulations to Michele. The ambulance services appreciate all that you do for the services.

Jessica’s Dancers wrap up their season

Preschoolers, back row, left to right: Sheridan Lakefield and Aftan Johnson. Middle row, left to right: Makenna Gates, Alesandra Porcello, Allison Lee, and Maci Witteman. Front row, left to right: Payton Haman and Gretta Volk.

Jessica’s Dancers had their year end performance on Sunday, February 22nd at the MLS-Mohall School. The girls all danced to the songs that were performed during the season at the basketball games. They also had six different individual dancers do a performance on their own. Four solos were done by Isabelle Buynak, Kendyl Kersten, Aleshia Hicks, and Lilly Solemsaas; and two duets were performed by Hannah Radzwill and Rilynn Beck, and Isabelle and Abby Buynak.

Group two, back row, left to right: Tammie Armet, Terra Marshall, Brielle Volk, and Sally Rogers. Middle row, left to right: Skylar Hardy and Natalina Porcello. Front row, left to right: Karlee Lakefield and Mercedes Espeseth. Not pictured: Juliana Bohm.

Group three, back row, left to right: Taylor Stanley, Alexis Drangsholt, Hannah Radzwill, Megan Vandemark, and Isabell Buynak. Middle row, left to right: Jordyn Moberg, Abby Buynak, Kendyl Kersten, Raegan Fitzsimmons, Jasmine Undlin, and Sidney Knutson. Front row, left to right: Lilly Solemsaas, Rilynn Beck, Vincenzia Porcello, and Anna Armet. Not pictured: Aleshia Hicks.

The dancers all did an amazing job and were all rewarded with trophies at the end of the recital.

Renville County Junior High Spelling Bee participants

Participating in the Renville County Junior High Spelling Bee from Glenburn are back row, left to right: Bridger Uleberg, Tristan Markley, Kyanne Derr, and Jacob Moxley. Front row, left to right: Taylene Mendiola, Megan Goldade, Jackie Ostlund, and Dylan Utter.

During the 2015 Renville County Spelling Bee held at the Glenburn School on Wednesday, February 25th, the participating students all had to complete a 50 word written test. Those words included: premises, ammunition, prolific, fragile, arrogant, marsupial, noxious, dilapidated, whirlpool, errand, hundredth, necessary, discipline, homonym, typhoon, biopsy, cafeteria, haiku, expertise, jaguar, herbivore, topography, benefactor, palette, portfolio, democracy, souvenir, origami, lethargy, cryptic, foliate, implement, analysis, enthusiasm, providence, meticulous, pasteurize, protocol, tariff, oregano, susceptible, companion, frailty, explanatory, disinfectant, grotesque, critique, incessant, pronounceable, and hypochondriac.

Participants from Mohall Lansford Sherwood are back row, left to right: Leah Feland, Janie Savelkoul, Dalton Moberg, Isaac Undlin, and Riley Vendsel. Front row, left to right: Brock Depute, Chase Driscoll, Zane Wenstad, Myla Grengs, and Kayla Kinkead.

After all the tests were corrected, the top 10 spellers moved into an oral round. Competing in the oral round were Dalton Moberg, Isaac Undlin, Chase Driscoll, Janie Savelkoul, Riley Vendsel, Leah Feland, Kayla Kinkead, and Myla Grengs, all from MLS; and Tristan Markley and Dylan Utter of Glenburn.
Each of the oral rounds consisted of five words. Students competed in the rounds as needed until the top four winners were determined. It took a total of five rounds before the first and second... (To see this article and more, see this week's edition of the RCF.)

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