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Subscribe to the Burke County Tribune, by calling 701-377-2626 or e-mailing to tribune@nccray.netTuesday, September 01, 2015
Powers Lake Students
All in One Building

By Lyann Olson
No more.
No more portable classrooms.
No more educating in closets.
No more busing for lunch.
No more lunch tables in the commons area.
No more.

The Powers Lake faculty and students are smiling...and smiling big with their new addition to the high school complete and ready for the first day of school (Aug. 25).
“Hats off to our construction crews for staying on schedule,” thanked Superintendent, Sue Gunderson.

When construction began, plans were made to move out of the old elementary building the first week of August and on Sunday, Aug. 9, they did just that.
With the help of local churches, about 12-15 trailers and 60 plus people, young and old, the move was complete in a few hours. Everyone celebrated afterwards by sharing a meal together.


An open house for the Powers Lake School new addition is set for Thursday, Aug. 27, from 6:30-8:00 p.m.

The public is invited to help celebrate the opening of the new school addition. Guided tours will be given every 15 minutes. Northwest Communications Cooperative will be serving hotdogs and hamburgers.
Everyone is encouraged to check out all the amazing new features.


Walking through main front doors, you find the office has plenty of space with glass windows. Along with the main office, the superintendent, principal and business manager each have their own office space.

To the right, the old high school English, math, library and music rooms have been changed into the kindergarten through Grade 3 wing, along with art and title rooms.

Upper and lower cabinets have been added to each of the elementary rooms, as well as a sink and Smart board. Carpet has been laid in the hallways to match the new addition.

Lignite Boy
Injured in
Tractor Rollover

Kyle Mutschelknaus, 11, of Lignite, son of Nicole Moore and Monte Mutschelknaus is hospitalized in Minneapolis after a tractor accident Monday evening, Aug. 17.

The Highway Patrol reports the child was driving the tractor on a gravel road (97th St. NW, 1/4 mile east of Highway 40 MM1) in Burke County when the tractor rolled over into the ditch.

Mutschelknaus reached to shift the tractor, failing to maintain control. The tractor rolled into the north ditch. He was pinned under the tractor, sustaining severe injuries and was taken to Trinity Hospital in Minot before being airlifted to Hennepin County Medical Center in Minneapolis.

Responding to the scene were Burke County Sheriff’s Office, Lignite Fire and Rescue and Crosby Fire and Rescue.


An account has been set up for donations at: Dacotah Bank, Kyle Mutschelknaus Benefit, PO Box 9, Bowbells ND 58721. Checks can be made to Nicole Moore.

A Helping Hands Account for Kyle has been set up at Liberty State Bank.
Contributions can be made out to: Helping Hands Kyle Mutschelknaus, Liberty State Bank, PO Box 228, Powers Lake, ND 58773.

A benefit breakfast/silent auction is being planned in Lignite for Sunday, Sept. 13.

Zoning Approved
for Oil Refinery
Conditional Use Permit Tabled

The Burke County Planning and Zoning Board approved the zoning change from agricultural to industrial for Ash Inc. last Tuesday morning, Aug. 18. Due to the quick notice from Ash Inc. to be put on the agenda, the conditional use permit was not completed and was tabled until the October meeting.

The request is for a diesel refinery facility, five miles south of Columbus on Highway 40 in Fay Township. The site was historically part of the Truax Trayer Mining Man camp.

The facility anticipates processing 20,000 barrels/day which 1/3 will be high diesel quality fuel; 1/3 naphtha (raw gas); and 1/3 atmospheric bottoms (ATBs–butanes, propanes, etc.).

During the construction process, it is believed approximately 350 workers will be located in the area over a 16-24 month period. Following construction, the company plans to employ 80 individuals with a gross wage payout of $4,800,000 annually.

A main concern brought up by county patrons was water; where the company plans to get the water needed to run the facility and how waste water will be disposed of.

“We will work with our neighbors, the State, and Health Department,” stated Bret Wolz. Wolz explained that a geological study needs to be completed to answer the issue. “We can also talk to Rural Water. We have some options. We want to be a positive impact, especially to our neighbors.”

Slices of Life
By: Jill Pertler

We live in a quirky, weird, sideways, upside-down world where some things just don‘t make sense – or they make too much sense to be sensible. As humans we often perpetuate the nonsense. We accept things for what they are and go about our business without question. But sometimes I wonder.

About small things. Big things. Random things like:

Why do cats have to race you up the stairs? They can come out of nowhere just to get one step ahead of you. Sometimes my cats pause to let me nearly catch up before bounding upwards to beat me. Again.

When shopping online why are we required to put certain items in our cart in order to see their price while other items have their prices posted prominently?

If it’s a seedless watermelon, what did it grow from?

Why do we call them red cabbage and red onions when it’s obvious they are purple? Red grapes are more burgundy than red. Purple potatoes are actually purple – score one for the spuds.

When the batteries on the TV remote go dead why do we continue to press the power button over and over hoping they will suddenly come to life? The same phenomenon occurs when our cell phone loses its charge. Ditto that for the computer mouse. Change the AAs, already!

Have you ever noticed that abbreviated is an awfully long word? And big is not?

Other words are worth contemplating – phonetically speaking. Gynecologist is a doctor for women. Hysterectomy is a procedure performed solely on women. Hershey is word made up of two female pronouns coming together to make chocolate. I guess that last one makes perfect sense.

In the same vein, if words like “he” and “she” are pronouns, does that also make them anti-verbs?
Why do we call it the funny bone when bumping it is certainly no laughing matter?

When I am driving somewhere and get lost why do I turn the radio off thinking it will help me find my destination?
Why do people drive around in convertibles with the top down, but the windows up?

Do they call it falling asleep because of the falling dream that sometimes accompanies the going to sleep process? Is it true you would die if you landed (in your dream) or is that just one of those urban myths?

Who makes up all the urban myths and why aren’t they ever rural truths?
Is it possible to eat charred chard? Or chilly chili? Shrimpy shrimp?
If words made sense, hamburger would be made of ham and a hot dog would be made of… Never mind.

Shouldn’t a pair of pants be two of something?

Why is it always just one shoe (or boot) lying in the middle of the road, but we never see the person who is walking around with the other one?
Every few years we are required to renew our driver’s license. Anyone besides me keep the old ones around lying in the junk drawer – just because? Every so often I glance through them to see how much I used to weigh.

Why is it? I wish I could tell you. Some things deny explanation. It’s at the core of the human paradigm; we assume logic in an illogical world.

Sort of like my cat. Who won’t come when she’s called but will race me up the stairs every time. Go figure.

Jill Pertler is an award-winning syndicated columnist, published playwright and author. Don’t miss a slice; follow the Slices of Life page on Facebook.

(651) 264-1979 


Do you have a news tip or story idea? Call 1-800-377-2610 or 701-377-2626



Free developmental screenings for children, birth to age five, will be held throughout the county in September.

The first will be held at Bethel Baptist Church in Powers Lake on Wednesday, Sept. 2 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

To set up an appointment for ages 3-5, call the school, 464-5432. For birth to age two, call Amanda Hubble, 701-629-8874.

Next, the screenings will be held at Christ Lutheran Church, Lignite on Friday, Sept. 18 (same times). Call Amanda for birth to age two; and the Burke Central School, 933-2821 for ages 3-5 for an appointment.

The final screenings will be held in Bowbells, Thursday, Sept. 24 at Bethlehem Lutheran Church (same times). Call Amanda for birth to age two; and Bowbells School, 377-2397 for ages 3-5.


The Burke County Historical Society invites everyone to their annual all-denominational church service and old fashioned hymn sing on Sunday, Aug. 30 at 7:00 p.m. at the Powers Lake Historical site.

Refreshments will be served and the annual Historical Society business meeting will follow the service.


The public is invited to help celebrate the opening of the new Powers Lake School addition with an open house and dedication, Thursday, Aug. 27, from 6:30-8:30 p.m.

To thank the community for their support, join the school staff/board for an appreciation supper and school tours. Guided tours will be given every 15 minutes.

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