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Tioga Invitational Basketball Tournament RUNNERS UP
RUNNERS UP: The Burke County Titans earned second place at the Tioga Invitational Basketball Tournament held last week.

The tournament featured all eight District 16 teams. The Stanley Blue Jays defeated Burke County 57-50 for the championship plaque.

(back) Mariah Smart, Dani Koppelsloen, Disa Koppelsloen, Haley Allen, Haley Beeter; (front) Lakin Peterson, Heidi Knutson, Taylor Peterson and Lexi Mahlum. Write up on Page 4.

The success, dedication and hard work of outstanding agriculturists in 53 counties in North Dakota and several counties in Minnesota were honored during the 41st annual Harvest Bowl program at North Dakota State University.

Honored from Burke County were Mike and Alana Erickson, Lignite.


During American Education Week, the Burke Central Education Association held a contest for students to design a flag to represent Burke Central School. The following were the top three winners: Mariah Smart (3rd place), Robby Cooper (2nd place), and Raelee Myers (1st place). Myers’ flag is going to be made into a banner size flag to be displayed at Burke Central.

Tioga Tip-off Tourney
Titans Place 2nd - Ranchers Place 4th
The two county girls’ basketball teams traveled to Tioga last week for a the Tioga Tipoff Tournament featuring all eight District 16 teams.


The Burke County Titans faced the Kenmare Honkers in the opening round of the tournament, Monday, Dec. 8.
Down 9-12 after one quarter, the Titans held the Honkers to three points in the second to lead 19-15 at halftime.
The Titans controlled the second half as well, leading 31-21 after three quarters, and won the game, 43-25.
Scoring for BC were Lakin Peterson 21 (13 rebounds), Haley Allen 11, Taylor Peterson 5, Heidi Knutson 5 and Taryn Schmit 1.
“The girls earned a hard fought defensive win tonight,” stated Titans Coach Aaron Haggin. “Holding Kenmare to only 13 points in the 2nd, 3rd and 4th quarters was huge for us.”


Thursday, the Titans met the Trenton Tigers in semi-final action. The Titans held on to win the game, 47-44, leading at all quarter stops, 13-4, 23-18, 39-32.
Titan scorers were L. Peterson 22 (22 rebounds), Allen 12, T. Peterson 5, Knutson 5 and Disa Koppelsloen 3.
“The girls really came ready to play today,” said Coach Haggin. “They moved the ball really well on offense and were constantly putting pressure on the Trenton defense. We showed poised in the fourth quarter when Trenton stepped up the pressure. We got key defensive stops and made a couple much-needed freethrows.”


The Titans took on the Stanley Blue Jays in the championship game, Saturday, Dec. 13. Stanley led at all quarter stops 15-14, 28-22, 47-33, 57-50.
Scoring for the Titans were L. Peterson 25 (12 rebounds), Allen 13, T. Peterson 5, Koppelsloen 3, Knutson 2, Haley Beeter 2.
“The girls fought til the very end tonight,” stated Coach Haggin. We struggled a little bit with their half court trap, but once we solved it, we had success. I feel the girls showed a lot of heart and determination this week. Earning a second place finish is something we can hang our hat on right now, and use as motivation to earn a district title in February.”


The Powers Lake Ranchers matched up against the Tioga Pirates in the opening round of the tournament, Tuesday, Dec. 9. Powers Lake led at all quarter stops, 11-6, 23-12, 34-21, winning the game, 48-32.
Scoring for PL were Brianna Honrud 24, Kinzi Grubb 12, Grace Hove 5, Allison Grote 5, Delaney Clark 2.


Thursday the Ranchers took on the Stanley Blue Jays in semi-final action, falling 37-58. Stanley led at all quarter stops 19-4, 30-22, 47-31.
PL scorers were Honrud 9, Clark 7, Hove 7, Grubb 5, Macey McGenee 3, Sadie Maruskie 2, Grote 2, and Sydney Titus 2.


The Ranchers fought the Trenton Tigers for third place honors. The Tigers led at all quarter stops, 10-7, 23-14, 39-28, 61-44.
Scoring for PL were Honrud 21, Clark 12, Grubb 4, Kylie Gunderson 4, Grote 2, Hove 1.

Outdoor Tales


When I open a fishing seminar, I usually ask the crowd if they have ever failed. I do it to get some blank looks or laughs in the beginning but it is to make a point with the entire session.

As an outdoorsman, I have discovered this painful, yet great learning tool called failure.
Of course nobody ever wants to fail at anything. Nobody ever wants to have a bad day on the water or in the field but if channeled right, a bad day on the water can be a great learning tool.

You can think back to what you did or even dig into reports and weather conditions from that bad day other people have posted. With that little bit of hindsight, one can figure out what went wrong and learn how to adjust to avoid it in the future.

A perfect example of using failure to one’s advantage happened to me in 2011.

I was guiding a long time client and the weather was changing. Changing fast! I knew the conditions were starting to get tough and the fish were reacting very negatively to my baits.

At the time I panicked and started fishing faster and faster to find active fish. I ended the day with my first and only skunk while guiding. I was almost sick for a few days over this.

Of course it was the end of the season and I had a whole winter to think about it. It took a couple weeks to sink in, but I started to figure out water temps were dropping fast the days heading into this trip. I then figured out fish are cold blooded and their metabolisms decrease as the water cools.
It finally hit me that I was fishing all wrong that day.

The fish were not in a feeding mood due to the shock of the water temp/metabolism drop. I was fishing in the wrong place the whole time and fishing way too fast.

In the end, I was able to come up with the pattern Lateral Movement that is a huge part of the book I wrote a couple years back.
That is by far the most dramatic example of fishing failure I can come up with but it also has the best reward at the end.

Week in and week out there are small failures that arise and can be dealt with to create small victories. In my case I keep a good fishing log so I can refer back to it if I need, to help me avoid these failures over and over.

Once you get used to the systems and learn them it is evident the failures become fewer and fewer and adversity can be dealt with more efficiently.
Another example of failure turned to success on the water was at Braden’s skating class last week. He had fallen on the first day and was pretty scared to do it again.

To compensate for not falling he would not skate much faster than standing.

Finally, last week he started to speed up and he fell hard a few times. He realized how he had failed and got back up to give it another go. (See I told you the skating saga continues.) It appears the boy is learning to skate.

If you know how to use failure to your advantage, it can be the best teaching tool on the water. If you blow it off as a bad day then you just had a bad day.

Be sure to stop by the Bowbells Community Center tomorrow, December 18 at 2 p.m. to say hello and get your copy of “We Don’t Flush the Grass” signed.

Until next time get outside and make some memories.


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