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If you choose not to vote by mail, there will be ONE polling place open on Election Day, Tuesday, June 10, 2014. That polling place will be in the Community Room at the Burke County Courthouse and the polls will be open from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Any new residents or formerly inactive voters can contact the Burke County Auditor’s Office at 377-2861, by mail at PO Box 310, Bowbells, ND 58721 or stop in and an application will be provided to you to fill out.

Once you have received and voted on your ballot, you can return it to the Auditor’s Office in person or by mail at any time up until the day before the election.

Please do not bring your voted or unvoted ballot with you to the polling place on Election Day—the poll workers cannot accept it and must give you another ballot to vote while you are there.

Filing for Election

A number of county positions are up for election this year.


Incumbent Terry Nelson of Columbus has filed a petition for election in Commissioner’s District #2;

incumbent Bonnie Bohnsack has filed for election as the County Recorder/Clerk of District Court;

incumbent Amber Fiesel has filed for election as States Attorney;

and incumbent Jeanine Jensen has filed for election as the County Auditor.

Michael Cude, Jeremy Grohs, and Shawn Brien have filed petitions for election as the County Sheriff, and Shelly Tetrault has filed a petition for election as the County Treasurer.

As of Friday, April 4, these will be the names appearing on the ballot. The deadline was 4:00 p.m. on Monday, April 7 to file a petition for election.

Any write-in candidates who receive the minimum number of votes can possibly have their names placed on the general election ballot if there is an open spot on the ballot, as in the case of only one person filing for a position.


ID requirements for voting were changed by the Legislature in their last session, and there is a massive education campaign going on about what constitutes proper ID.
The ND Secretary of State has an excellent website at that can answer just about any question you would have.

The County Auditor’s Office staff is also happy to answer any questions about voting and requirements, so please stop in or give them a call.


On Dec. 24, 1957, Orrine and Kirchhof were married in Humboldt. After their marriage, they moved to Denver, CO where they worked until he received accepted to Seminary at Concordia Theological Seminary, Springfield, IL.
A son, Mark Owen was born Aug. 30, 1964, the same year as Pastor Kirchhof’s ordination.

On Feb. 24, 2004, his wife, Orrine had a stroke and she became a resident at Bethel Lutheran Home in Williston.
Son, Mark will soon be retiring from the California Highway Patrol after 25 years of service, and Thomas John, their grandson, is in his second year at Gustavus Adolphus College, St. Peter, MN.

Called to North Dakota

In 1988, Kirchhof was installed as the first pastor of a new AALC congregation, Shepherd of the Valley in California. This congregation was also one of ten charter member congregations of the newly formed TAALC.

As they were building the church, both spiritually and physically, the AALC provided “Builders for Christ,” a group that helped in the erection of a building. Selma Ozzie Engen were part of the group, and their home congregation was Our Redeemer’s Lutheran Church in Williston, ND.

When asked by then Presiding Pastor Dr. Lindberg if Kirchhof would allow his name to be on a call list or consider a move, “I agreed and God in His way and form led me to interview and accept to be Senior Pastor serving at Our Redeemer’s,” said Pastor Kirchhof.

After 10 years and on his 70th birthday, he retired and purchased a home in Williston.

Present Service

Pastor Kirchhof now takes time to serve on the Veteran’s Honor Guard at all military funerals and volunteers at Mercy Medical Center one day a week in the Purchasing Department.

“This walk of Faith has been one awesome day after another, with opportunities to serve and share Jesus Christ in proclaiming Him as Savior and Lord in a sinful world filled with sinners who need a Savior,” shared Pastor Kirchhof.


Well, here we are…another spring valiantly attempting to roll into the Dakotas.

Spring always seems to bring snow here in the Black Hills. Heavy wet snow that bends branches, bows power lines, and buoys the hopes of children that they will awaken to reports that school has been cancelled. A snow day is pure magic to a kid.

Of snow days the most prized and sought after would have to be a Monday snow day.

A Monday snow day is like a last minute phone call from the governor, right before the switch was thrown on “Old Sparky” for some heinous crime you were wrongfully convicted of.

A Monday snow day where your mom wakes you from a fitful dream where you’re standing in front of your fifth grade classmates attempting to give a report on the migratory patterns of whooping cranes when you look at your reflection in the window of the classroom and discover you’re wearing nothing but your great grandma’s underwear and a pair of rubber wellies.

None of your classmates seem to notice so you attempt to carry on with the presentation as planned but there’s not much waistband left to speak of in your great grandmother’s skivvies. She was of that generation who believed the phrase “waste not want not” applied to everything which has left you with waist not.

To receive full points the report had to have a demonstration component, but try as you may you cannot properly demonstrate whooping crane wing dynamics because you only dare remove one hand from the waistband at a time.

The teacher is obviously not pleased with your one winged whooping crane demonstration and a nervous flop sweat overcomes you and you can feel your rubber wellies slowly filling with sweat as you flap and whoop…whoop and flap.
You’ve been hovering around a “B” all semester but if you can pull off an “A” your dad has promised to buy you a new BMX Coast King.

You would like nothing more because your old bike was backed over by your drunken uncle and you’ve been forced to ride your little sister’s My Little Pony banana bike with the sparkly handle bar tassels and pink basket that she insists remain forever full of My Little Ponies and My Little Pony accessories.

With the new BMX Coast King clouding your judgment, you decide to just go for it and give a proper whooping crane wind dynamics demonstration.

Exactly what you feared would happen if your waistband was left unattended has happened.

You know this because you’ve sensed a breeze in places you weren’t sensing one previously.

This fact has managed to gain the attention of your classmates and as they laugh and point you turn to run out of the classroom.

As you turn to run you find that one cannot run fast or far with undergarments around their ankles and you slowly totter towards the ground still whooping and flapping for that “A.”

As you hit the ground, the sweat from your rubber wellies sends a warm wave up the backs of your legs and then suddenly you’re awake.

You’re awake and your mother is telling you that school has been canceled.

The words, “school has been cancelled” slowly register and you realize that you have more time to prepare your report on the migratory patterns of whooping cranes.

You also realize you should have listened to your mother and not drank that huge glass of Tang before you went to bed.

So it goes.

Happy Spring.

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