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By Ginny Heth
Following is the rest of the January Veterans Historic Facts that were sent by Al Wondrasek. Since it’s already February and I have all of these dates left on the January news, thought I’d share them with you in this space (besides, that means I don’t have to come up with an opinion about anything -- which seems to be hard for me some weeks!).

veterans news
January Historic Facts
16 Jan 1942 – Japan invades Burma
17 Jan 1781 – Battle of Cowpens
17 Jan 1945 – Warsaw is taken by Soviet Troops
17 Jan 1991 – Persian Gulf War Begins
17 Jan 1991 – Operation Desert Storm: Air War Begins
18 Jan 1942 – German-Japanese-Italian agreement signed in Berlin
20 Jan 1942 – Germany holds Wannsee Conference in Berlin to find a “Final Solution” for the Jews.
20 Jan 1945 – First convoy to reach China from Burma crosses the Burma (Ledo) Road
21 Jan 1903 – Birth of US modern National Guard
22 Jan 1944 – Allied Forces land at Anzio
22 Jan 1969 – Operation Dewey Canyon begins
23 Jan 1943 – Papua Campaign ends
23 Jan 1942 – Japan invades New Britain, New Ireland, Dutch Barneo, Soloman Islands, and makes landings at Rabaul, Kavieng, and Balikpapan.
24 Jan 1943 – New Guinea Campaign begins
24 Jan 1942- Japan secures Balikpapan, Borneo (Borneo supplies 90% of Japanese petroleum needs)
25 Jan 1945 – Ardennes-Alsace Campaign (Battle of the Bulge) ends
26 Jan 1942 – The first American troops arrive in Britain
26 Jan 1942 – Rabaul falls to the Japanese, providing a major air and naval base
26 Jan 1945 – Japanese troops retreat to the coast of China
27 Jan 1943 – First Eighth Air Force raid on Germany – First “all US” bombing raid ever over Germany
27 Jan 1944 – The German siege of Leningrad that began in September 1941 finally ends.
27 Jam 1945 – Soviet troops liberate Auschwitz and Birknau extermination camps, uncovering evidence of the murder of approx. 1 million people.
27 Jan 1945 – Russian troops liberate Auschwitz concentration camp
27 Jan 1973 – Vietnam Peace Accord Signed
28 Jan 1945 – India-Burma Campaign ends
28 Jan 1973 – Vietnam Cease-Fire Campaign ends: Peace Announced
28 Jan 1945 – Burma Road reopens
28 Jan 1945 – In Western Europe, the Battle of the Bulghe ends. The Germans cannot recover their military losses. Few people besides Hitler believe Germany can still win the war.
30 Jan 1933- Adolf Hitler is appointed the Chancellor of Germany
30 Jan 1942 – British Commonwealth forces abandon Malayan mainland, with draw to Singapore
30 Jan 1968 – Tet Offensive begins in South Vietnam
31 Jan 1943 – Over 90,000 German troops at Stalingrad surrender to the Soviets. It is a significant turning point in the war against Germany
31 Jan 1944 – US troops invade Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands
31 Jan 1990 – Operation Just Cause ends

Over The Coffee Cup

Congratulations to Bonnie & Brooks on the birth of their son recently.
Congratulations to Devin and Kate on the birth of their daughter on Monday.....hopefully I’ll have more details soon -- maybe even birth announcements!
I know of at least a couple more babies that are due in our area very soon, too! Guess we are having a population explosion!
It was a sunny day on Sunday, February 2nd, so guess we will be having at least six more weeks of winter -- like any of us doubted it!
Get well wishes to Merilyn Mandigo who is hospitalized in Minot presently.
The boys basketball regular season is ending soon -- District Tournaments are coming up next week.
Students and teachers get a long weekend away from school over Valentine’s Day weekend. Hope the weather is nice for whatever you will enjoy doing!
Happy birthday to Diane Allen on Thursday! Hope to see you back in Westhope SOON!
Missed most of the Super Bowl but it doesn’t sound like I missed much of a game! Seahawks fans probably enjoyed it!
Don’t forget about the benefit at the Newburg Senior Center for Cyklali Garcia on Sunday, February 9th.
The benefit for Johan Garcia was postponed due to bad weather. So far we haven’t heard when it will be held.

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