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Third Nine Weeks

SENIORS: (Straight A, 4.0) Sabrina Kremer; (A, 3.50-3.99) Nolan Beeter, Dylan Benge, Taylor Peterson; (B, 3.00-3.49) Colton Gandrud.

JUNIORS: (Straight A) Heidi Knutson; (A) Zackery Beard, Mark Nelson; (B) McKenzie Berg.

SOPHOMORES: (Straight A) Alexus Mahlum; (B) Taryn Schmit.

FRESHMEN: (A) Matthew Hinds; (B) Haley Beeter, Madison Deckert, Sara Nelson.

7TH GRADE: (B) Elizabeth Hinds.

Joel Bird has become an Ameriprise Financial Private Wealth Advisor.

Bird, with an office in Bismarck, ND is one of approximately 10 percent of the nearly 10,000 Ameriprise financial advisors to achieve this status.

Bird is part of Legacy Financial Partners, a financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc. Ameriprise Private Wealth Advisors provide personalized client service and are dedicated to meeting the complex and unique financial needs of their clients.

To become eligible for this status, advisors must be experienced in serving affluent clients, maintain high client satisfaction scores, complete specialized training and achieve superior business results.

As an Ameriprise Private Wealth Advisor, Bird is focused on providing advice and financial solutions for clients with high asset levels. He is knowledgeable on a variety of topics and strategies including retirement, tax and estate planning, insurance and asset management.

Ameriprise Financial is located at 505 E Main Ave, Suite 100, Bismarck, ND. Bird can be reached at 701.258.9735 or via

Outdoor Tales


Well winter came back it appears. I have determined that I am done ice fishing and ready to move onto the soft water.

Remember back a few weeks and we thought summer was almost here, boy were we wrong.

Two weekends ago, with winter set back in and a less than favorable forecast, we heading back to Devils Lake for a last kick at the can on the pike.

This was going to be a pretty special trip as my friend, Jon Falch, (who I have written about before) and his daughter, Alaska were joining us.

Jon is in the Air Force and we got to know him back in 2004. We all got to be good friends and did a lot of fishing during his time at the Grand Forks Air Force Base. He was sent to Colorado in 2009. We all stayed in touch over the years and have even managed to fish together occasionally.

This past Christmas we got a group text asking how the hunting in North Dakota is. Sort of an odd question from a guy who has lived here. An hour later a second text came saying he got new orders and was coming home.

Fast forward to a couple weeks ago and Jon is back. Back to where he didnít want to leave in the first place and where he has been trying to return since he left.

So only back two days, we had new guests to the ice with us for his first go round with ice fishing and pike in six years. Alaska had never caught a pike on a tip-up before and Jon has been waiting six years since he left to get back to it.

With those two, my buddy Brad, Braden and myself, we were off to give it a go.

We had to walk out to the spot as I was not chancing my truck on the bad ice from the warm week before.

We got set up and the big bite did not greet us. We had to wait it out for a while before finally a flag went. I set the hook and let Alaska catch her first pike through the ice. It ended up being the biggest fish of the day.

The weather forecast was off because 35 and sunny ended up being 17 and windy, making it pretty cold out there.

We set up a pop-up Frabill shack to at least block wind between flags.
Not a fast and furious afternoon on the pike but we managed to catch a dinner or two. We grilled sausages for lunch and had a good time on the ice before deciding it was the end of a great year of ice fishing.

It is clear to me with the recent cold that we could still get a week or two of ice fishing still but I have had enough. I have declared it spring and am getting ready to hit the open water and get back in the boat for a big summer of guiding and just enjoying life in the outdoors.

Iím glad to have my buddy back in town and another partner in crime when it comes to fishing and enjoying nature.

Until next time get outside and make some memories.


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