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By Ginny Heth
Ask anyone.....
I say it all the time.....
I donít like change!! Iím not one to rearrange the furniture. When I put a fresh coat of paint on the walls, itís generally the same color as what Iím painting over (unless the last one was really a poor choice!). I mow the lawn in the exact same circles every time all summer -- regardless if it would look better if I went a different direction. I keep the rows in my garden going the same direction that theyíve always gone. In fact, I jump out of bed every morning and do the exact same thing that Iíve done every morning for years and years.....unless something like the ambulance pager or an early appointment get in my way.
You get the idea.
That said, I also know that sometimes change can be good.
For the past several years the Westhope Community Club has put on a free pork feed for the public in conjunction with the City Wide Rummage Sales. It was well received (when is a free meal not well received?) but when those of us who attend the Community Club meetings and thus make the decisions for the group started crunching numbers last fall, we discovered that the feed was probably a bit more than our small Club could handle. We were strapped for money to do the other things that we want to do (like bringing Santa to all the kids each year shortly before Christmas).
Something had to change!
Someone came up with the idea for a Chili Cook-off instead of the free feed. Weíd see if we could get interest from community members to have a little friendly competition while providing food for lots of people and see how it would go.
Having no experience with this type of event, we asked lots of questions and made lots of guesses as to what we should be doing. In the end, everything went very well......around 100 people got a tasty supper, judged the entries and made a determination of who made the best chili.
Now, I canít say whether the votes were cast for favorite people for best chili, but I didnít hear any complaints while they were eating -- well, maybe a little as they came back for glass after glass of ice-cold water to cool the mouths! The cornbread and crackers also helped a little with that, I suppose. It was fun to have both white and red chili to try and it was also fun to realize how different tasting those same ingredients can be in red chilis! No two were even similar in taste!
Besides the monitary reasons for the change in menu we found that this made for MUCH less work for the Community Club members. Each contestant cleaned up his/her own table, taking the roasters or crock-pots home to wash them. When all that was done, there wasnít a whole lot of clean-up left for us. It was nice not to have to spend a couple hours cleaning up after everyone else had gone home!
When all was said and done, it was a fun-filled afternoon, everyone left with a full belly and plenty of ideas for next yearís competition......maybe a few more decorations......surely some music throughout the Community Room.......maybe some more choices of beverages....
Whatever else, donít look for another Ďchangeí from the Community Club on Community Day next year. This one was a good one and we are going to stick with it!
No more change for me for a while!

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