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EMS Corner
Looking to help your community? To make a difference when a disaster strikes-be it a car accident, or heart attack, or tornado. Want to handle an emergency calmly? Be ready for when your friends or family get sick or injured?

From the second 911 operators pick up their phones, the operators can try to assist you from the other end of the phone line, but itís the first responders to the scene who have the chance to assess the situation and begin medical treatment. These respondersóemergency medical technicians (EMTs) and emergency medical responders (EMRs) could be faced with situations ranging from a pregnant woman in labor to someone with a severe gunshot wound. The EMTs use their training to assess the situation and then control bleeding, administer intravenous fluids, perform CPR, or use other basic life support techniques on the scene. Then, as the patient is transported to a hospital, the EMTs and EMRs continue to administer care. Once the patient arrives at the hospitalís emergency department, itís important for any observations gathered at the scene to be reported to the hospital staff.

Being an EMT or EMR is not without mental pressure or great responsibility; as a first responder your job is literally to help save lives. But the importance of the work is what makes being an EMT or EMR rewarding. And you donít have to give up your current career to be part of this worthwhile profession. Every day, volunteer EMTs and EMRs are called upon to respond to emergency medical situations.

Mohall Ambulance Service with substations in Tolley, Lansford, and Sherwood are again asking for your help. With the increased traffic and population in our area, it is imperative to have a fully staffed ambulance service. We all want to know our loved ones are being well cared for. With fully trained community members, our goal is to give your loved ones and friends the best care possible and to instill confidence in our service.

Becoming an EMT, EMR, or driver is something YOU CAN DO!! Many people think that EMS is all about blood, gore, injuries, and death. While we do see those things occasionally, the bulk of EMS calls are routine involving relatively minor injuries or illness. Help and support are there for the occasional brutal trauma call. Many current EMTs and EMRs started out just like you, wondering if they are going to be able to do this. They quickly found out that they can. Plus, the knowledge you will gain can be taken with you wherever you go. While everyone else will be panicked and unsure of what to do, your training as a first responder will help keep you calm and able to help during any emergency you encounter.

So, what are you waiting for? There is no better time than now to get started. Please pick up that phone and make a difference in your life, and in your community.

The easiest way to become involved in EMS is to contact the Mohall Ambulance Service at 756-6183. You donít have to have any previous training as we will arrange for you to take classes to become certified, and help with the tuition.

Please call today, your help is needed!!

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