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These buildings are up to 15 degrees cooler during the summer and 15 degrees warmer in the winter compared to common uninsulated steel buildings.

The sound deadening characteristics of the poly covers help provide a great environment for musical events.

Drive Kick Off

When discussion started about additional building space for grandstand events during bad weather, horse shows, and other possible uses, former Burke County 4-Her and fair goer, Dr. Don Nelson and his wife, Dr. Mary Anne Nelson of Cedar Rapids, IA stepped up to the plate with a gift of $50,000 and an “about to mature” life insurance policy with a cash value of almost $14,000.

Dr. Nelson made the gifts in memory of his father, Dan Nelson, a purebred Hereford producer and lifelong supporter of 4-H and the Burke County Fair.
Dr. Nelson is issuing a challenge to other 4-H and Burke County Fair alumni to do likewise.

“Investments in community and youth have long lasting benefits,” said Dr. Nelson.

“ The year 2016 will be the 100th Burke County Fair and an investment of this kind will be a great start for the next one hundred,” according to NDSU Extension Agent Dan Folske, current President of the Burke County Fair Association.
Additional Improvements

Other plans for improvements at the Burke County Fairgrounds include major dirt work and repairs to the race track scheduled for completion prior to the 2015 Burke County Fair, June 26-28.

2015 Fair Events

Events planned for this year’s fair include enduro auto races, a new class of stock car racing organized by the Burke County Race Club, Tuff Trucks and mud races, trail rides, horse training clinics, inflatable games for the youth, and a Bull-A-Rama.


If the idea of an indoor arena sparks your interest and you would like to help with planning and fundraising, please call the Burke County Extension Office at 701-377-2927 or contact any of the following fair board members:

Dan Folske, 701-339-1133;
Connie Howell, 701-240-4632;
Michael Matte, 701-430-1512;
or Terri Morgel 701-926-3871.

The next meeting of the Burke County Fair Board is scheduled for 6:30 p.m., Tuesday, April 14 at the Burke County Courthouse. All interested persons are welcome to attend.



This past Saturday was one of the first days of the year to have that full on “summer” feel to it.
A lazy feeling day that directed myself and our black lab to our back porch to seek out the optimal chair angle for appropriate sunlight absorption.

While peering up at a cloudless sky, soaking in the warmth from a sun that seems to have just come back from an extended vacation, fleeting thoughts of all that I could, and possibly should, be doing eased on through.
The sun felt good.

Felt better than what completing a laundry list of chores, tasks, and what have you could bring…laundry being one of them.

Those clothes aren’t going to wash themselves but with weather like this who really needs clothes?

Maybe the 80-year-old couple bent over pulling weeds across the street or the 60ish lady next door that enjoys doing aerobics on her back porch.
But who am I to judge?

Most of our Sunday bests aren’t what they once were.
This fact would be easier to forget or ignore if it weren’t for the parade of youngins prancing around in the spring rut to remind us.

At this moment there’s no prancing or fawning going on within sight of my back porch.
The household teenagers have taken their spring song and dance elsewhere for the time being.
Some where away from the judgmental and jealous stares of the has-beens and never-will-be-agains.

The daughter is off at college (so she says) and the boy is out golfing with friends (I hope golfing is still what they call actual golfing).

We had our moment in the sun and generally gravitate towards the shade now but today in the semi-seclusion of my back porch I sit comfortably with my shirt draped over the back of my chair, bare feet kicked up, and a cold beer resting comfortably and progressively lighter in my hand.
My dermatologist would not approve as I’ve chosen to forgo the slathering of sunscreen she brow beats me about every time I see her.

My dermatologist, my doctor, my accountant, my banker…all these people we acquire as we advance in years, responsibilities, and various stages of physical deterioration.

At this moment, right now, I don’t need any of them.
My dog, my back porch, my lawn chair, the warm sun, and a slight breeze. That’s all I need at this moment.
These moments are too easily swamped in the wake of what needs to get done so I’ll just sit this one out.
Just sit and enjoy.

Enjoy what I’ve found today for it may be lost tomorrow.
The dog has made his way to the shade by the door leading to the cool confines of the house and peers at me from time to time in a way that seems to suggest, “Haven’t you got anything better to do?”
He’s just jealous.

My fur coat is nearly half as thick as his...nearly. More or less in some regions. More south and receding to the northern snow cap.

Another winter has passed (possibly), another spring is here, and another summer is coming.

I believe I’ll have another.

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