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Vern's Views
By LaVonne Erickson

Good news - the Groundhog didn’t see his shadow on Tuesday, February 2nd - Groundhog Day. Looks like our winter will not be as long as usual. But then again, what has been wrong with our winter? We have enjoyed very unseasonable weather.

As a matter of fact, our warmer temperatures returned this weekend. It was up in the mid 30’s on Friday and on Saturday our area enjoyed temperatures in the upper 40’s.

But then there was the wind issue. The wind came up on Saturday evening and it stayed around most of the day on Sunday. Wind gusts were between 30 and 50 mph at times. Good thing we didn’t have a lot of snow to blow around or we would have all been house bound for the Big Game that evening.

Speaking of the Big Game on Sunday, it was nice to be at home and to just sit and watch the game and all the half-time festivities and commercials. Congratulations to the Denver Broncos!

This week I want to congratulate and thank the MLS boys’ basketball team for the AWESOME School Spirit that they displayed at the girls’ basketball game on Thursday, February 4th. You guys rocked the house and I couldn’t be prouder of your support for the girls. Hopefully this school spirit will carry over to the District Tournaments and everyone there will know that the Mavericks are in the House!! A big thanks to Jacob Smith for his leadership that night -- you were great Jacob and the crowd was loving it.

Following the game, Laura Tweeten, the assistant basketball coach for the Washburn Cardinals came over to the scores table and said, “I don’t know who I should tell, but I just wanted to let you know that your student body support was awesome tonight. I have never seen school spirit like your school displayed tonight.” I thanked her and told her I would pass on the message. She told me how the team and others in the stand were just enjoying what was going on and were caught up in it all. She mentioned how it was not only the cheering, but the singing and dancing, and the fact that the crowd was just having fun.

So MLS student body -- others are noticing and commenting about how you act at games and they are liking your school spirit -- so keep it up! You are proving to everyone in the district and around the area that MLS has SPIRIT and I couldn’t be prouder. Thank you, thank you! Keep it up!!!!

The Girls’ District 12 Basketball Tournament begins at the Minot Auditorium on Thursday, February 11th. MLS will play Glenburn in their opening round game at 4:30 p.m. that afternoon. Good luck to Coach Brackenbury, Coach Erickson, and the Lady Mavericks. I wish you much success -- play hard, hustle, never give up, and keep believing in yourself, your teammates, and coaches and you will do well.

Before closing this week, I would also like to thank Coach Brackenbury and the Girls’ Basketball team for honoring me at their final home basektball game on Thursday, February 4th. This year I completed my 40th year of keeping the official scorebook for the girls’ basketball teams (Yellowjackets and Mavericks). It is a job that I have been doing since I graduated in 1975 and I have loved each and every year of it and am thankful that I’m capable of continuing to do it. I love working with the coaches and girls and over the years have come to know some great officials whom I consider to be friends. It is always an honor being asked to do it, so thank you, and thank you to all of those who have extended their thanks as well.

I just have one family birthday wish this week, and that goes out to my great-niece, Sofie Pehrson of Ca. who will celebrate her birthday next Wednesday, February 17th. Love you Sofie, enjoy your special day!

Also, a special Valentine’s Day wish to all of my relatives. I love each and everyone of you and I am thankful that you are all a part of my life. I can’t wait for this summer to see a lot of you -- it is always a good time when we get together!

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