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To the left of the main office starts the new addition which includes a data room. This is where the security camera equipment (25 in all), fire alarm system, intercom and internet is housed.

The addition and remodel boasts a brand new music room, resource rooms (elementary and high school), small and big ITV rooms, library, rooms for grades 4-8, science lab, social studies and business room, math room, computer lab (elementary and high school) English room, two sets of bathrooms, kitchen and lunchroom, as well as a room to serve concessions out of.

The new rooms all have surround sound and the teachers will be wearing microphones.

ďWith the sound coming from all directions, the students stay focused and are more attentive,Ē explained Supt. Gunderson.
The high school resource room includes a washer & dryer, refrigerator & stove to help teach life skills.

New to the science room is a fume hood, used during experiments.
The junior high has been combined into one room to help with scheduling.
The books are lined up and barcoded, ready to be check out from the new library.

Twenty-five wireless touch screen computers frame the business room.
ďNo towers, no wires,Ē stated Supt. Gunderson.

The elementary also has a computer lab with 22 touch screen wireless computers. The school has 40 additional laptops and 15 ipads available. Every classroom has 2 iPads.

The new addition has central air and all the lights are on sensors.

One of the nicest features is the new kitchen and cafeteria, complete with a salad bar. New lunchroom tables with the Rancher logo will welcome the students for breakfast and lunch. Gone are the days of squeezing into the commons area for lunch.
The old science room is now the vo-ag and FACs room, complete with kitchens.


The excitement doesnít end in the building. The new playground has been installed and the elementary will find hours of enjoyment with so many apparatuses available (tire swing, dirt diggers, slides, merry-go-ground, swings, rock wall, etc. too numerous to mention them all).
The softball diamond will be used for kickball and a parent is working on painting a football field on the nearby grass.

Be sure to stop by the school Thursday evening to check out the wonderful changes that have been made.



The Burke Central All-School Reunion has come and gone, leaving fond memories of good times with old friends in its wake.

Thinking back over the events of the last couple of days itís all sort of a blur of familiar faces in familiar places accompanied by a soundtrack rife with the buzz of conversation and laughter.

Groups of varying sizes could be seen scattered about Main Street during the street dances, catching up with the goings on of former classmates and friends.

Some people could be seen migrating amongst the groups, intermingling and exchanging a few pleasantries, and then moving along to another cluster of familiar and, at times, unfamiliar faces.

Some were less migratory and seemed to enjoy the company of a select few over mass serial intermingling. Thereís always those who we find it easier to visit with for reasons we may not know. Comfort and commonalities from shared time and experiences I suspect to be a major contributor to who we choose to jaw wag with.

It seems as though, when with those we are most comfortable with, a constant conversation flow isnít necessary and long moments of silence donít carry any uncomfortable unspoken connotations. In depth conversation with everyone isnít always necessary, or possible. For some a nod and a smile in passing is enough of an acknowledgement to get you by until the next reunion.

The next reunion?

Thatís the last idea anybody wants to entertain at this moment, but I hope there is a next reunion. Not for a few years or five, but sometime.
I enjoyed playing a small part in the reunion planning committee and would like to thank all of those who played much...much larger roles in ensuring the success of the reunion.

Their organizational skills and attention to detail was impressive, and made the weekend festivities flow seamlessly.
I am proud to be a graduate of Burke Central because I feel as a graduate of Burke Central I am in the company of a lot of good people.

Burke Central is a good school that has managed to endure in the face of many changes, great and small.

It has managed to endure change and succeed because of the dedication and devotion of many caring faculty, staff, board and community members who seem to always hold the best interest of the students first and foremost.

As a student I took this for granted. When such an environment is all you have experienced, it is hard to see how good you have it. Especially when youíre armpit deep in the rarely real horrors of teenage life.

After being out and about in the world of education for a few years I have come to fully appreciate my experience at Burke Central. Appreciation and gratitude seem to increase with age.

To all those, past and present, who have and continue to make educating the young people who walk the halls of Burke Central a priority in your life, I thank you.

Summerís overÖyouíre on.

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