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Kindergarten students begin their education at MLS

Above photo: Mrs. Tengesdal, pictured on the left in the back row, has 11 students in her kindergarten classroom at MLS-Mohall. Those students are, third row, left to right: Cade Undlin, Jack Knutson, and Maci Witteman. Middle row, left to right: Elijah Beha, Sheridan Lakefield, Matthew Michels, and Tony Berg. Front row, left to right: Jonathon Peppard, Makenna Gates, Brody Grondahl, and Caitlyn Eads.

Students in the kindergarten class at MLS - Sherwood include: Archer Ackerson, Kash Beckedahl, Cooper Cameron, Greta Volk, and Cale Westerness. They are being taught by Mrs. Jody Ziliak.

Mrs. Karla Tengesdal has 11 students in her classroom at MLS-Mohall. They include: Elijah Beha, Anthony Berg, Caitlyn Eads, Makenna Gates, Brody Grondahl, Jack Knutson, Sheridan Lakefield, Matthew Michels, Jonathon Peppard, Cade Undlin, and Maci Witteman.

Pictured left to right are the kindergarten students at MLS-Sherwood: Cooper Cameron, Cale Westerness, Kash Beckedahl, Greta Volk, teacher, Mrs. Jody Ziliak, and Archer Ackerson.

The second kindergarten class at MLS - Mohall is taught by Mrs. Sarah Knutson. She has 10 students in her classroom this year. They are: Talyn Betterley, Drew Bovia, Lucas Duchaine, Payton Haman, Aftan Johnson, Allison Lee, Karissa Mortensen, Terril Moungo, Jr., Mark Vannurden, and Dayvin Watson.

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