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Ribbon cutting ceremony held for the new Walking/Bike Path to Mohall Fairgrounds

Above picture: The walking/bike path starts at Railroad Ave. and goes west across the railroad tracks to the Mohall Fairgrounds. This path is for those walking or riding their bikes to the Fairgrounds. No motorized vehicles are allowed on this path.

Prior to this time there was a committee, chaired by Lyndi (Abrahamson) Thom, that had researched the possibility of getting a walking path across the railroad tracks and out 1 1/2 miles to the turn off to The Flower House Garden Center. Again, the purpose was to have a safe path for the children, as well as a path for people to walk or ride bike safely without having to ride on the highway. After Lyndi Thom left the Mohall area the project had been taken over by the JDA Office and then a couple of other concerned citizens. However, the project never got going due to funding and the paper work needed for the railroad crossing, as well as the State Highway.

The project remained to be on the City’s agenda and with the increased oil field traffic, as well as the increase of overall traffic, the City decided to move forward with the project. Bids for the construction of the project were opened on June 13, 2014 by the North Dakota Department of Transportation. The low bid for the project was submitted by Ti-Zack Concrete, Inc. of Le Center, MN in the amount of $148,678.50. According to that agreement the City’s share of that project was estimated to be $81,575.90. Federal funds were obligated for this project with that amount not to exceed 80.93 percent of the total eligible project cost or a maximum of $135,433. The Engineer for the project was Ackerman - Estvold, with their engineering fees being $41,448.00. The bid was accepted on July 13, 2014 at the North Dakota Department of Transportation Office in Bismarck.

The bid for the walking/bike path, which begins at Railroad Ave. and crosses the railroad tracks to the Fairgrounds, included a concrete sidewalk, aggregate base, grading, pavement markings, signing, drainage, and other incidental items. It also included two bike racks and three benches at the end of the path. Along that path are two stop signs for bikers to stop at before crossing the railroad tracks, as well as two RR Signs. This walking/bike path is for bikes and those walking to and from the Fairgrounds. No motorized vehicles are allowed on this path.

Mohall’s safe walking/bike path became a reality thanks in part to several grants and donations. The North Dakota Department of Transportation donated $135,433.00; Mohall Railroad donated $10,000.00; Citizens State Bank at Mohall donated $5,000.00; St. Joseph’s Community Health Foundation donated $15,000; CanElson donated $1,000.00; Garrison Diversion donated $1,250.00; and Enbridge donated $5,000.

In April of 2015 it was decided to extend the walking path down to the diamonds and in front of the east quonset by the diamonds. The additional cost for this sidewalk amounted to $15,238.91, which was funded through the surge money that the City received.

The Mohall City Council is very greatful to all those who helped in any way to make this path a reality. The purpose of the path is to keep the youth safe and off the highway, and they are very pleased to see that the path is being used extensively as the youth travel back and forth from the Fairgrounds.

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