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Happily Serving
40 Years in the
Burke County
Treasurer Office

Hazel Herman Retires on April 30

By Lyann Olson

Hazel Herman has racked up nearly 40 years (just two months shy), serving the residents in the Burke County Treasurer’s Office. The county treasurer will lock her office door for the final time, Thursday, April 30 at 5:00 p.m.

Starting as a roving clerk for the Superintendent of Schools and Treasurer’s office in July of 1975, Herman moved into the Deputy Treasurer position shortly thereafter.

Herman decided to run for County Treasurer in 1978 as Alice Rogers chose not to run for re-election. Herman ran against Rhoda Greenup and Jeremy Gustafson in the Primary, advancing to the General Election, and was elected.

Herman has run unopposed ever since that first election.


The office has seen many changes throughout the past 40 years.

“We had a monstrous posting machine that you had to enter every number every month for bookkeeping. And receipts were run in the order of townships and then you had to separate and put them in alphabetical order to send them out, so it was big to-do,” recalled Herman. “And now you just press a button and it prints them.”

Since the introduction of computers, the office has gone from three full-time employees, to a treasurer and a part-time employee.

Representing days gone by is an electric typewriter that sits in a corner of the room.

“When we sent out delinquent notices, we’d have to type them and then sit with a calculator to figure out the interest and go back and type it in. Now we just press a button and the program figures out the interest automatically. We never use the typewriter anymore,” said Herman.

MLS FCCLA members attend State
Leadership meeting and win medals

MLS FCCLA members who attended the FCCLA State Leadership Meeting were back row, left to right: Andrew Wherley, Alexander Weight, Berkley Santos, Jesse Mott, Jennah Haygood, and Isabella Radzwill. Middle row, left to right: Kasie Evanger, Kylie McLain, Allison Voigt, Madasun Frech, Kayla Mortensen, and Brittney Weight. Front row, left to right: Mrs. Valerie Aho, advisor, Allison Girard, Mariah Brown, and Delaine Hanson.

On April 12th, 13th, and 14th, fifteen MLS-Mohall Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) members and their advisor, Mrs. Valerie Aho, attended the 70th annual State Leadership Meeting held at the Ramkota Hotel in Bismarck. While there, members gathered and shared information, developed skills, recognized accomplishments, and participated in STAR (Students Taking Action with Recognition) events. The state meeting provided an opportunity to receive leadership training and gather ideas that will help the chapter plan an even better program of action for the 2015-2016 school year.

The ND FCCLA – “Together We Are… One Voice”, this year’s theme, was reinforced in the opening general session by guest Speaker Mike Donahue from R5 productions with his “Walk A Mile” program. Mr. Donahue inspired attendees with this thought provoking message that they should try to walk a mile in others footprints.

The conference agenda also included specific training in FCCLA leadership programs and participation in competitive events. Several members competed in the state level of STAR Events Competition. Kasie Evanger and Kylie McLain’s project entitled “Make up For Miracles” received a silver placing in the Chapter Service Display Senior Division. Allison Voigt participated in the Job Interview category and received a gold placing. Allison will now advance to the national competition and has the opportunity to compete at the National Leadership Conference in Washington, DC in July.
(article continued on to Renville County Homepage)

Opdahl Grocery, Kjelshus Take Top Prize in Chili Cook-off
By Ginny Heth
There was a ‘hot time in the old town’ on Saturday as Westhope Community Club hosted the First Annual Chili Cook-off!
May 10th was chosen as Community Day for Westhope with city-wide rummage sales happening throughout the day as well as the annual Presbyterian Women’s fund raiser serving sloppy joes, pie and coffee. They also had basket- and purse-mania, a silent auction type activity that is fun for all. Included this year in the day’s activities was the Trini Tree Frogs Youth Group detailing the insides of cars. They had a great turn-out for their fund raiser, even having to turn away a couple of cars that arrived after their time was up. Maybe they will have to plan another day of car cleaning since people were so happy to have someone to take on that task for them!
Meanwhile, all around town people’s homes were beginning to smell a lot like a Mexican restaurant as pots of chili were started in anticipation for the Chili Cook-off. Around 3:00 p.m., the Gateway Community Room began buzzing with activity as the ten contestants brought their chili in for tasting......some contestants even brought their own Mexican ambience including table cloths, decorations (even some hung on the wall!) and music!!
Ten entirely different pots of chili were there for the tasting when it began at 4:30 p.m. coming from Westhope Farmers Union (Kevin Schroeder, cook); Westhope Fire Department (Ryan Ellsworth, cook); Double EE Service (Ben Cartwright, cook); John Gruenberg, M&D Pizza (Heather Lee, cook); Presbyterian Children (Lola & Randy Kimpland); Rachel Gruenberg; Kim & Lance Kjelshus; Opdahl’s Grocery (Barb Opdahl, cook); and Westhope Ambulance (UB & Sylvia Schlieper, cooks). There were white chilis, red chilis, and no bean chilis. Some were quite spicy and some were just flavorful, with out the bite! Many contestants included ‘add-ins’ such as sour cream, onions, chips, crackers and cheese to make their offering more enticing. Community Club provided corn bread to make sure everyone had a way to ‘cut the heat’ between bowls of chili, coffee & water with the water being the most popular thing!
In all, nearly 100 people voted and there was a tie for first place! Opdahl’s Grocery and Kim & Lance Kjelshus are the proud winners, sharing a traveling trophy for the year and prize money. Coming in a close third (only one vote separated the three chilis!) was Westhope Ambulance with UB’s Road Kill Chili, who took home a small cash prize as well.
Plans are already in the works for the 2nd Annual Westhope Community Day Chili Cook-off, so get those recipes tweeked, plan on a few decorations for your table (Opdahl’s & the Kjelshus’ both had very nicely decorated tables -- whether that had anything to do with the winning or not.....) and take a chance at bragging rights for next year!!


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